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Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an excellent program, with a similar look and feel to Photoshop, though it is geared towards photographers. As such, we talk about Photoshop in this chapter. Adobe Creative Cloud, which covers the desktop version of Lightroom, was launched in 2013; Creative Cloud also includes Lightroom.

Understanding layer basics

In the old days of raster graphics, one image’s pixels were printed on paper or on film. But raster data can be saved electronically with no degradation in the image — an important consideration for digital photography.

Because computer images are stored as pixels, a layer of pixels is called a bitmap or bitmap image. The pixels are the smallest parts of the image, with each pixel having a color associated with it. To complete a file, you must first create a layer that will contain pixels and then place your image in that layer.

A file can have only a single layer, and the layer can have only one image. Before you can edit the image, it must be placed on a layer.

Each layer of pixels has individual functions and qualities. Figure 14-1 shows an example of a smart object, with one layer and one image.

**Figure 14-1:** You can use a layer to place an image in a document or create more than one.

Photo by Marc Pritz

This illustration demonstrates that there are three different levels of pixels on the image: raster pixels, bitmap pixels, and vector pixels. It also shows that a bitmap image can be converted to a vector image using the Pathfinder panel’s Convert To Shape feature.

The process of converting a file to a vector format is discussed in Chapter 15.

Basic layers

A graphic’s ability to take on the qualities of a vector or raster image depends on the color you choose for the image’s pixels.

The most basic layer is the Background Layer. You cannot see the contents of this layer, which is visible only when the layer is placed on top of other layers. This way, when you choose to use the Background Layer, you don’t have to worry about which layers are underneath and which are in front of the layer you want to use. Your image appears on the Background Layer.

The Background Layer should be blank because you can’t see it. If you look at the Layers palette, however, the Background Layer is represented by a closed cross next to the Background color at the bottom of the palette (

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2) Crack Activation Free

I started using Photoshop Elements many years ago. Even back then, I was always learning something new about the program and I was a graphic designer and a photographer.

My computer was a little old and a bit slow, so I was not happy about the start up time. Luckily, I have a fast and strong Mac, so I decided to start using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

I love the way the program starts up quickly and it was easy for me to learn. I had to learn about most of the shortcuts and to set up a workspace.

There are times where you may need to open Photoshop for tasks that Photoshop Elements can do. I started using it for photo editing, but Photoshop Elements can also be used for graphic design and web design.

Adobe Photoshop is clearly the leader in graphic design and they deserve all the respect. Photoshop Elements is a respectable alternative to Photoshop, especially for beginners. I am still using Photoshop Elements for graphic design and web design.

I will discuss some of the best tools and plugins that Photoshop Elements offers.

11 Best Photoshop Elements Plugins and Extensions

Eye Dropper

I used Eye Dropper to find and select the colors in an image. I have used this tool many times and it has saved me a lot of work. Eye Dropper is located in the top left corner and it changes color when you move the cursor over an image.

When Eye Dropper is open, you can choose the colors in an image, edit them and save the changes. I have used this tool so many times that it has become second nature to me.

Text Tool

When I first started using Photoshop Elements, I used the keyboard a lot to create images. The first tool that I used for this is the Text tool. The Text tool is located next to the Selection tool. The Text tool allows you to select a text box and draw the text.

You can change text orientation, select text, undo and redo text, and align text. You can also change the font, color, size, and other text options.

Text tool is not a powerful tool and it can be really difficult to use. I have learned this tool over time and I use it a lot now. I can open my mouth and sing to create lyrics and I know exactly how to use it. This is my second best tool.

Blur and Sharpen

When I first learned about the Blur and Sharpen options

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2)


Halocydon is a genus of sea slugs, aeolid nudibranchs, shell-less marine gastropod mollusks in the family Facelinidae.

Species in the genus Halocydon include:
Halocydon aurantiaca (Thiele, 1926)
Halocydon atlantica (Bartsch, 1915)
Halocydon cheesmanae (Hedley, 1902)
Halocydon clavula (MacFarland, 1917)
Halocydon coelatiniformis (Littman & Sowerby, 1905)
Halocydon euglypta (Bartsch, 1915)
Halocydon gabbia (Cockburn, 1971)
Halocydon lateralis Mörch, 1875 – the type species
Halocydon macquariensis (Alder, 1981)
Halocydon obpunctata Bartsch, 1915
Halocydon paucijugata (Bartsch, 1915)
Halocydon remotus (Bartsch, 1915)
Halocydon similis Eggers, 1890
Halocydon sowerbyi (Cockburn, 1971)
Halocydon variabilis (Alder, 1981)


Bartsch P.A. 1916. Molluscan Provinces in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans: Illustrated with figures and a complete key. W. Elek.
Alder, P.J. (1981) Marine molluscs of Tasmania: a review of the marine molluscan fauna of southern Tasmania. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 125: 263-290.
Schander, C.J. (2009) Marine mollusks of the genus Halocydon J.M. Schander & C.J. Schander, Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen 90: 711-712.

External links
Animal Base: Facelinidae

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// Make sure we clean up old headers.
for header := range hf.hdrHeaders[:] {
delete(hf.hdrHeaders, header.Name)

// moveHeaders implements the Transport model.
func (t *http2Client) moveHeaders(r *http2.MetaHeadersFrame) {
hf := r.Header.Fields()
oldhf := t.hdrMu.OnesatNow()
hf.Stream = oldhf.Stream
hf.Src = oldhf.Src
hf.Name = oldhf.Name
if oldhf.Header!= nil {
hf.Header = oldhf.Header
delete(t.hdrMu.hf, hf.Stream)
delete(t.hdrMu.hf, hf.Src)
delete(t.hdrMu.hf, hf.Name)

// push is the Transport model’s push method.
func (t *http2Client) push(ctx context.Context, mux *Serve

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