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The Layers panel

The Layers panel (see Figure 8-1) is split into two areas: the upper one is where you see the image that is on your computer screen, and the lower one is where the image is being edited. The image file on your computer screen is referred to as the _active_ layer, and the image on the screen is referred to as the _active image_ or _display layer_.

FIGURE 8-1: The Layers panel.

The upper part of the Layers panel is where the active layer and active image reside. For example, the active layer is the layer you see on the computer screen when you open an image file. The active image is the image you see on your computer screen if you have opened a photo you shot yourself.

While you work in Photoshop, your image is split up into multiple layers, even if the image on your screen looks like just one layer. You can add, delete, or move layers or merge them. You can also merge or split the layers.

You’re always working with multiple layers and sublayers. The _layers_ are equivalent to the _images_ in GIMP, the Standard or Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR) setting, and the Photoshop.psd file format, where you have one image for each color separation.

The names you give to layers, sublayers, and even tools can be important. They have a significant impact on how the layers interact — and how you can use those layers to edit your image. And, of course, if a layer or sublayer doesn’t have a name, you have no way to tell where it is on your image. So pay careful attention to layer names, and use your best judgment to come up with names that make sense and enable you to describe what the layer or sublayer does.

You see the Layers panel in Figure 8-

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Why Should I Use Photoshop Elements?

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop CS are the most popular photo editing and graphic design software packages. Photoshop Elements has many of the features of the two Photoshop CS versions plus a few more, but fewer features than most other photo editing software packages.

Adobe has made improvements to the Photoshop Elements photo editing and design software in the past few years. We’ve made the program easier to use, introduced new editing and design tools and increased the number and quality of features in the program. And it remains a good choice for hobbyist and amateur graphic designers.

We’ve taken images from the web and converted them into full-color printing-ready graphics. Some designs feature multiple graphics made from a single image.

You can use the Editor View to customize or create new graphics with our built-in graphics tools. Or, add and combine graphics created with other software, such as Elements 11,

and use our new Layer Comps tool to arrange, edit and resize graphics.

The new “Oil Paint Effect” makes quick work of creating portraits. Create different versions of the same image to add different effects. You can even add different poses to create different images in one image.

Create new graphics and animations with Element 0. Simply paste a URL to any image, site or document to create a new Photoshop document containing that image.

The Resize tool can resize graphics as big or as small as the final resolution they will be printed at. Reduce the resolution and convert the image to a black-and-white graphic or an instant poster.

View, edit and save as different sizes and file formats, or use the original image as a basis for your next creation.

Create animated GIFs with your favorite icons or colorful symbols. See how to add a soundtrack to your online photos.

Elements now offers a Rich Canvas 2Layers capability with a standard-resolution, black-and-white background. Create a new background or put an image over the canvas. That way you can add and remove any part of your image to create new designs or images.

Use our preset or custom image and brush styles to make your graphics and designs just the way you want them.

Add or remove objects from graphics, link or unlink objects, add shape layers, change colors and correct problems with outlines.

Elements 11 was a major update to the application

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reading an excel file using libxlswriting

I have a requirement of reading an excel file but I am struggling to work with libxlswriting.
I created an excel file with 8 sheets. Each sheet has 2 columns and name. The first column contains data and the second column is name. I am trying to read the excel file.
ExcelCell *cell = [sheet cellAtColumnIndex:0];
if (cell) {
CFIndex value = [cell getValue];
if (value) {
string[0] = [NSString stringWithUTF8String:(const char *) value];


This is how I am reading it. Do I need to pass name column as a parameter or is there an easy way to do it. I am looking for a way similar to how we read csv files.


This library is pretty tightly coupled to the file format it uses; e.g. CSV. You can use SQLite to read an Excel file, or even another library that can read CSV files.
However, your question is a little unclear because you specify that your file has two columns and then you say “The first column contains data and the second column is name”, which is confusing. This implies that your data is actually in a list of 2 rows, each row with a name column and a data column. This is not how Excel files are typically organized, and you should check the documentation for libxlswriting to make sure it can read your file format correctly.
Or, if you want to read a csv file, you

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Kostoula Panteli

Kostoula Panteli (; ; also spelled Kostoula Pantelia) (? – 1455) was an Ottoman Armenian physician and pharmacist in the time of Sultan Mehmed I.

He was born in Constantinople (today Istanbul). According to Kamuran Akgül (1780–1839), he was born as son of the Greek Lazar Pape (Panteli) of the Armani (Upper Armanian) family. His mother was either the daughter of an Ottoman soldier named “Hasan” or a certain “Sarı” (Greek name for fair skin). The family originated from Constantinople in the Sanjak of Constantinople. However, even if his father was a Greek Lazar Pape, in 1618 he passed the examination for apothecary to the College of Pharmacists. Panteli studied and graduated in the College of Pharmacists in 1622. In 1628, he passed an examination as an assistant apothecary in the pharmacies of the Ottoman sultan.

In 1633 he was appointed as a principal pharmacist of the empire. One of the apothecaries he worked with was the famous Turkish surgeon named Kamil. Panteli continued working with Kamil until the latter’s death in 1651. Under the sultan, he introduced in Constantinople the modern treatment of diseases. He was also the first in Ottoman history who opened a college for the treatment of the diseases related to the bones and muscles of the human body.


Category:15th-century births
Category:15th-century physicians
Category:Turkish Armenians
Category:Medieval Armenian people
Category:Armenian writers
Category:Year of birth unknown
Category:Year of death unknown
Category:15th-century people of the Ottoman EmpireFatal diffuse peritoneal mesothelioma associated with asbestosis.
Primary malignant peritoneal mesothelioma is a rare tumor with a dismal prognosis. This tumor is usually associated with asbestos. We report the case of a 48-year-old man, who presented with abdominal pain and vomiting. Radiologic examination showed free air. Autopsy revealed diffuse subcapsular infiltration by mesothelial cells associated with lung parenchymal asbestosis. The tumor cell antigen CA125 was positive. A diagnosis of diffuse peritoneal mesothelioma was made. This

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An Intel Core 2 Duo or better processor.
256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS or higher video card with 256MB video RAM
1024×768 or higher resolution display
Installation Instructions:
When downloading the installer, verify the activation option is selected and then install.
Note: The installer must be run as Administrator to activate the game.
To install the game to your hard drive, double click the activation file provided during the download.
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