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Download ––– DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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1. **Open an image that you want to manipulate**.

In Chapter 9 you opened a picture of Moonraker Racer, a scene from the movie _Thunderball_. It’s a jumble of colors that make the race cars look like they were accidentally drawn with a Sharpie. If you’re following along and want to work on your own image, open the _im_train.jpg_ file that’s in the Drawings folder.

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In the period between my 7 beginner’s articles, I started taking my knowledge of creating graphics and portraits to the next level. In addition to learning the basics, you will be able to create a series of videos that will allow you to go deeper into photography, capture better images, use Photoshop in more efficient ways and even learn new skills.

In this article, I will show you how to create 3D text for an anime poster.

We will use Adobe Photoshop.

How to make posters (Graphics Design)

Watch the full process of our graphic design below:

Creating an anime poster without the use of Photoshop

How to draw vector graphics

How to draw vector graphics in Photoshop

Creating 3D text (fantasy)

How to create 3D text (fantasy)

How to create a font on a pattern

How to add the 3D effect

Create a background

Create a save layer

How to create the composition

How to add movement to the graphic

This article is designed for designers and beginners.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to the techniques described in this tutorial. For example, it is possible to use both 2D and 3D techniques together.

The tutorial contains instructions that will walk you through each step.


First, we need to have a good idea of what we want to create. It could be a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a particular style or something completely different.

Thus, to get the best possible results, we need to have a clear idea of our goals.

The first thing we need to do is to create a document with the images that we want to add in our poster.

Step 1

Use the Create a New Document tool (‘N’ button) located in the corner of the Layers palette.

Make sure to name your document something meaningful. For example, ‘Poster’ or ‘Template.’

Step 2

To open the next document, use the ‘Open’ option from the right side of the Layers palette.

We will use the letters A, B and C for our future documents.

Step 3

The first image is the background of our poster. We need to find an image that will give us the maximum amount of creative freedom.


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You can also use the Magic Wand tool to quickly select an area of an image. Here is a photo of one of my sculptures.

I used the Clone Stamp tool to repair some of the scratches on the wood. The Magic Wand tool allowed me to quickly select the wood. The clone stamp tool allowed me to to copy the wood onto the stone.

We can use the Healing tool, which uses the most similar area in the photo as a guide for the repaired area.

In this photo, we have to use the healing tool to clean the dust and crumbs.

The Photoshop brush engine is similar to the one used in Illustrator. It allows you to apply different filters to a brush. This allows you to create some unique effects.

In this case, I used the Tiny Fairway Golf brush to add a Radiance glow to the front of the painting.

Here, I used the Merging Similar Colors brush to give the water a greenish look. I also used the Deep Sky brush to give the sky a more blueish look.

This is a screenshot of the effects brush. You can click on individual brushes to see other options.

You can use the Artistic brushes to create some cool and creative effects.

I used the Artistic Textures brush to create the textures in this image.

The Artistic Artistic-Smooth and Artistic-Hard brushes allow you to create realistic textures.

In this case, I used the Artistic-Smooth brush to create the leaves.

The Artistic-Soft brush makes the leaves look more round and glossy.

You can use the Artistic-Oil paint brush to paint the leaves.

I used the Bump map brush to add the texture to the leaves.

The Artistic-Oil coat brush gives the leaves a realistic look.

In this photo, I used the Artistic-Patch stroke brush to create the subtle speckles that you see on the leaves.

The Artistic-Soft brush gives the leaves a smoother look.

Using the Dodge and Burn tools, you can brighten or darken an area.

The dodge tool darkened the shadows in this image.

The burn tool brightened the highlights in this photo.

The dodge tool can also be used to lighten the highlights.

The Burn tool can be used to lighten or darken an area.

In this

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