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Fold Defy provides you with a quick and convenient solution for applying 3D folding effects to your pictures and automatically matching shadows in order to generate realistic results. It aims to offer a time-saving alternative to working with gradients and adjusting shadows to fold or bend an image.
Various folding, creasing and crumpling templates
Focusing on ease of use, the application comes with a generous set of style templates that you can choose from, not only for folding the input picture, but also for creasing or crumpling it. Thus, you can use it to make the image look like a crunched paper smoothed flat.
Furthermore, it gives you the freedom to manually add creases by simply drawing lines directly on the picture and previewing the result on the spot. You have full control over the number of columns and rows in the fold, the perspective and the variation, the fold neatness and width, as well as the paper texture, the generated crinkles and the fold direction.
Integrated lighting system and paper texture library
Thanks to the powerful 3D lighting system that it comes with, Fold Defy is capable of rendering impressive folded images with a natural look. It enables you to work with multiple light sources, which can be placed anywhere on the image. The shadow strength, height and softness can be easily adjusted until the desired effect is obtained.
To give it an even more natural look, you can freely adjust the photo paper texture. Intelligently combined with light and shadow effects, textures can help you turn a simple photo into a work of art.
Create folded or crumpled pieces of paper out of your photos
With support for high-resolution images, Fold Defy is capable of rendering 3D folds and completely transform your photos.
It takes care of the perspective and shadow distortions needed to generate realistic effects, without you having to manually apply gradients. Thanks to its built-in lighting system, it can help you deliver impressing results.


Download ☆☆☆☆☆ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ☆☆☆☆☆ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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3D Fold produces ready-to-use samples and allows you to make your own duplicates with your own looks. 3D folds are available in an extreme number of variations. You can generate them by using image or text areas as basis for your creation. You can change their size to any dimension.
The crumpling samples allow you to remove the folds completely and make the image smoother. So you can gain or remove the crinkles and folds completely. Images can be creased or crumpled.
The lighting system adjusts the lighting to any position on the image. The environment and the materials are completely flexible. It can be changed easily, to which surfaces the different light sources fall. You can also split up the light sources in different areas and combine them. The darks and lights can be adjusted to give you the desired look.
The texture adjustment is used to create new materials. It is flexible and you can create a lot of different materials easily.
Please keep in mind that the application has a 60 day free trial, however.

When a light source falls on a surface, it bends. Depending on the materials and the surface that the light falls on, the light will bend differently. This is called light refraction. You can do this with light bending.
Join the artist lighting community by becoming a member of Light Effect
For access to the premium features of Light Effect, join the artist lighting community and get a free Light Effect membership.
Share your masterpieces with our audience and communicate with fellow artists.
When creating your masterpieces, get inspired by the catalog of sharing and communication tools and share your work.

Fold Defy v2.7
*Lots of bugs have been fixed in this update.
*In PC, new function “apply shadow from light” is added.
Please visit to update the software.
*Main Features
*3D folding and crumpling
*Support multiple light sources
*Adjustable light and shadow
*Natural shadow and light effects
*Create your own paper texture easily
*Imported and exported based on Photoshop
*High-resolution images: 32MP, 64MP, 128MP, and more.
You can achieve effect with high-resolution images.
*Frame line is in chrome.
*You can adjust the perspective to any angle by setting the standard angle values
*Possibility to calculate the original angle automatically

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Fold Defy is a free 3D paper folding & crumpling application that lets you change various aspects of the picture including perspective, position of the folds, paper texture, crinkles and shadows.
You can easily adjust the height and depth of the folds and creases as well as adjust the position of the folds and creases.
The application has a user-friendly interface that allows you to change photo paper texture, color, crinkles, shadows, lighting and position of the folds and creases.
You can also save the results of the manipulation or share them with your friends.
The various templates that come with the application allow you to easily create pleasing and realistic effects on your photos.
Features of Fold Defy include:
3D Paper folding and crumpling
Powerful 3D lighting system for crumpled image realism.
Various paper textures to quickly render folded or crumpled images.
Full control over the perspective, position, crinkles, paper texture, shadows, and folds.
Direction of the fold: Left to right, Right to left, Straight down or up
Fold neatness: Narrow, Moderate, Wide
The folding and crumpling effect is impressive. It can change the color of the picture, shape the picture and change the size of the picture. You can apply crumpling to your photos that have different versions. It uses the appropriate images so that the folding and crumpling can be shown on-screen.
How to use Fold Defy?
Launch Fold Defy on your PC and launch Fold Defy software.
Select the folder that contains your pictures.
You can select Fold Defy as the main application as well.
Pick a picture as the input picture.
Pick out the picture with which you want to start the application.
Click on the preview button. You can preview the effect.
For the pictures of different sizes, you can modify the size manually using the shortcut buttons.
After you are satisfied with the settings, click on the OK button.
How to save Fold Defy results?
The software allows you to save the image you have just adjusted as a different file.
To save the new image, click on the Save button on the interface.
Add the desired folder name and the file name.
Give the folder a distinct name, and click on the Save button.
Save the settings for each picture separately.
You can also create a new folder. Then,

Fold Defy Crack Free

It’s a very fancy application that you can use to create fold/crumple effect. You need to add a folder with photos in it. Then when you are done, your folder should look like this:

Description of the folder
Another picture of the folder
Then, just go to the folder you just created, select a photo you want to use, choose the “Effet crumpled” from the left panel, then choose a color for the paper in the right panel and a folder name in the middle. Then click OK.

The result should be like this:

If your folder looks like this:
You just need to change the lighting of the paper in the right panel to make the paper light up and then copy and paste it into the folder.

Ease of use
It is very easy to use. I love that you can add shadow line and adjust it to your required results.

A must download for any photo editor or we can say, a Photoshop add-on, this is a trial version.

The trial version includes:

Cases Mode
The folder mode
The photo editing mode
Some 3D effects created by hand
The light source
The camera
The perspective
The paper texture
The folders and the photos
The paper crackle
The fold line
The tool select on the papers and the folders
The normal settings
The transparent effect
The clone stamp effect
You can also add cloth effects, calligraphy effects, shine effect, light reflection effect

And of course, some built-in presets for your convenience, such as *”Paper on Crumple” and “Fold crumple”

You can save the application in any folder you want, it is a Photoshop trial version but you can save it in your own folder, no any limit of usage.


You can apply your designed effects to all the photos in the folder

You can adjust your folder as you wish

You can blend the effect to your photos with different number of columns and rows

You can create fold, crumple, fold to crumple, crumple to fold effect with a single click

You can add shadows to your photos and let the shadows correspond to the fold or crumple

You can use the cloth effect, the shine effect, the light reflection effect

The wrinkles are not pixelated


What’s New In Fold Defy?


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System Requirements For Fold Defy:

Memory: 2048MB – 5GB RAM
Processor: 1.6GHz dual-core or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 4GB available space
P.S. Video driver installation is currently not supported on Linux platforms.
For Windows 8/8.1 users, no special modifications were needed to play the game.
P.S. In case of game breaking bugs, please file a report in the in-game feedback.