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Photoshop CC 2014 With Serial Key Download

Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to edit any image with Adobe Photoshop.

Preview Your Image Before You Begin

Starting out with a good original image is important. This is when you can make your best editing decisions and learn what adjustments are made to your image in specific editing steps.

1. Click File (the green icon on the top right-hand corner). 2. Choose Select All from the menu. 3. Click Edit (Photoshop will open), and then click Window (the small icon above the five icons to the right). 4. In the Window toolbox, click View, and then select Zoom from the drop-down menu. 5. Click the Zoom tool (the small square icon) from the toolbox. 6. Click the thumbnail of the photo you want to edit. The square moves around the photo, and you can see a smaller thumbnail of the portion you’re looking at. 7. The Zoom tool helps you see the photo at full size by clicking and holding down the mouse button. The larger area you click, the larger the image becomes. 8. Click the Zoom tool again, and then click and drag toward any edge of the window, either horizontal or vertical. Drag toward an edge, and the entire image will zoom out (if it’s to the left of the image, the image zooms out to the left, and so on). 9. Click the Zoom tool again, and use the arrow keys in the keyboard to zoom in on a different area, or click the corner of the window to zoom to the closest area of the image. 10. When you’re done, click the arrow near the top left of the window to return to the photo.

Learn the Basics of Photoshop

Categories of Image Editing

Photoshop can be broken down into smaller components, which all work together and complement each other.

1. Selecting and editing tools are the most basic elements of Photoshop. This is the set of tools that enable you to paint or work on an image. 2. The Layers panel is where layers are placed. Layers enable you to make a copy of an existing layer and use that layer for future work. This is known as a new layer. 3. When you use a tool, the tool will appear in its own selection box, which acts like a new layer in Photoshop. If you change your mind about what you’re doing and want to undo changes you made, click the Undo button (look

Photoshop CC 2014 With Registration Code Free Download

Elements has a lot of different Adobe Photoshop utilities. It has most of the features you need to edit photos like the capabilities you get with Photoshop.

You can try the elements for free. If you’re happy with it, you can upgrade your edition for a small fee.

Ready to start editing your photos or designing a website? Then read on for our best collection of professional-grade photo editing software reviews.


The main difference between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements is the number of features they have and the number of standard licenses they come with.

Pro Features:

The following features are only available in Photoshop.

Clone Stamp

Destination Editor

Gravity Gradient


Highlights and Shadows

Lens Correction







Spot Healing Brush

Spot Healing Brush

Style Transfer

Tone Curve

Vintage Effects



Web Features:

The following features are only available in Elements.


Eye Dropper


Layer Mask

Move Tool

Pen Tool

Solid Color


Camera Raw

Detailed the darkroom look

Editor Features

Some people like to work on a layered canvass in Photoshop. Others like to work in one single file with no layers or management.

Photoshop Elements has a solution for this: document-based editing. All of the editing and resources are done on a single image.

You can alter, duplicate or delete any layer.

The document-based editing makes it easy to revert any edits to a previous version. It helps you keep a record of your images and save work.

Want a Digital Darkroom look? Then you can tweak the look of your images with additional layers and effects in Photoshop Elements.


Also available in Elements:

Reversible layers

Collage Effects

Digital Painting

Graphic Overlays

Layer Style

Non-destructive edits


X and Y resizing

Slideshow Creator

Combining the selection tool with the transform tool, you can combine multiple images as one object.

The transform tools let you resize, rotate or flip

Photoshop CC 2014




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What’s New In?


34. Open a file in Photoshop and then rename the file. Now if you open the file in a viewer and click the file menu you will see a popup saying it is linked to an older version of Adobe Photoshop.

3. To save a new version of the file, click OK. Now you can name the file as you like.

34. Navigate to any of the four places where Photoshop stores your files. (The file browser is on the menu bar.) In the “Ages” listing for the folder you want, you will see the previous version of the file and the new version of the file listed.

34. Double-click the older version, and then press Enter to make sure you save a new version, as shown in Figure 32.

34. Double-click the newer version, and then press Enter to save it, as shown in Figure 33.

Figure 32: Type a new file name and then press Enter.

Figure 33:
Now you can open the file with this name.

34. In the lower half of the file browser window, click the drop-down arrow on the tab that reads “Recent files” (or “Recently opened files” if you have more than one open window). A menu appears with options to open, save, or delete files and then rename files.

Figure 34:
You can see the preview of the file’s contents before deciding whether to open it or move it to the trash.

34. Click the folder for the folder the file is in. In the upper half of the window, click the folder’s arrow to expand the folder. Figure 34 shows the folder we selected.

34. In the folder’s window, drag the file on to the trash can icon (see the arrow in Figure 35) to delete the file. (The trash icon also works for deleting files or images that have been added to the original document.)

34. In the upper half of the folder’s window, click the “Recent files” tab and then scroll to the bottom to see the files you have recently added to the folder.

Figure 35:
You can select files to move to the trash, as well as files to delete. You can also copy or move the files to other folders.

34. Click the icon for the folder where you want to store the file, as shown in Figure 34.

34. In the

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows Vista or later
Processor: Intel Pentium 3.06 GHz or higher
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Recommended Requirements:
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.66 GHz or higher
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9c compatible graphics card with 2 GB of RAM, WDDM 1.0 or higher, and a display with minimum 1024 x 768 resolution.
1GB Hard Drive space is highly recommended for the installer