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* Making adjustments with adjustments dialog box. Photoshop’s adjustments dialog box has several useful tools for adding, moving, and altering features. The most useful tool is the color wheel, which lets you see and select the correct color.

* * *

# Choosing Your Format

With digital cameras, camcorders, and scanners, everyone who owns digital images has options for how to turn their images into files. Your choices include JPEG and TIFF.

JPEG is most commonly used for images that are to be published on the Web, presented on a monitor, or printed. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is most commonly used for retouching images in postproduction, or for assembling a number of images together into a complex image that can be printed at high resolution.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both formats. TIFF tends to create files that are larger than JPEG files, and this can significantly slow down Internet transfer times. TIFF is also used for more advanced image retouching techniques that can’t be done with JPEG.

The bottom line is that JPEG is most often used for the vast majority of images and TIFF is used for the more advanced image retouching techniques. Both formats offer a huge selection of tools and plug-ins that allow you to add special features to your images.

* * *

You can use the following techniques to manipulate images in Photoshop.

* Layers. A layer is a unit that can contain one or more of the following image elements: an image, a path, an adjustment, a filter, a mask, or a shape. The image on the layer is displayed, whereas the other objects are overlays that can change transparency so that you can see the elements beneath them. You can do a number of things with a layer by using tools such as the Eraser or the Marquee tool.

* Adjustment dialog box. You use the Adjustment dialog box to make color, brightness, and contrast adjustments, as well as gradation adjustments, and to add image and text effects such as Drop Shadows and Gaussian Blur.

* Gradient tool. You use the Gradient tool to produce color gradients that make images appear more natural. It enables you to easily apply gradient fills to paths and shapes.

* Morph. You can use the Morph tool to morph, or change, one image to another. A morph effect is useful when two images together give a special effect that

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Different Versions

The Adobe Photoshop Elements program is found in two versions for consumers:



PSE15 includes Multitouch and Screen Recording. If you wish to use it for the first time, then you may need to download and install it.


PSE13 is for consumers who only need a basic, easy to use photo editing program. PSE13 does not have the advanced features that exist in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

If you want to learn about the basic features of Photoshop Elements and you only need to do some basic editing, PSE13 will be just what you are looking for.


PSE15 was added after PSE13. PSE15 is a great choice if you are a professional, for those users who wish to create multiple image sizes. It’s also a great choice if you want to create effects and filters. PSE15 is perfect for those professionals and hobbyist who want to create beautifully edited pictures.

Things to know before you buy Photoshop Elements:

Elements comes with the Media Presets included.

Media presets are media types that have been specifically designed for Elements to work with, especially for photos. These presets are a great resource for those looking to produce photos, without needing to touch any image formats.

Media presets are a lot smaller than traditional Photoshop.

The Media Presets make the program faster as well as smaller to download.

To install the Media presets, you will have to browse to the location on your computer where you downloaded PSE15.

From the bin folder where you downloaded PSE15, you will have to select “All Other (Hidden)”. Scroll down and you will see a list of files. Scroll down again and you will see the folder that you downloaded PSE15. You will have to open that folder so you can double click to install the Media presets.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Possible Applications:

If you are planning to be a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, web designer, or someone who is comfortable with the basic computer functions of graphic editing, then Photoshop Elements will be a great choice for you.

For those looking to learn the basics of graphic editing, Photoshop Elements will be a great choice.

Possible Applications:

If you are looking to be a graphic designer, illustrator

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Jakob Lorentz

Jakob Lorentz (or Lorentzius) († 1657 or 1659) was a Lutheran minister and hymnographer, one of the most influential figures in Reformed hymnology, part of the German hymnody.

Born in Würzburg, Lorentz was apprenticed to a miller in Kitzingen. He was not trained in theology, but was as well a hymn-writer and participated in Reformed circles. He held a position as a consistory (church-minister), but increasingly became known to the public as a popular preacher. In 1627, he was asked by Philipp Jakob Spener to revise the Reformed hymnal hymnarium, Hymni deutsche Polyglott (“Hymns in the German Polyglott”), which Spener had recently revised.

This was not the first hymnal to be published in the German language, but it was the only one of its time that was free of Latin hymns and included all hymns up to the Lutherans. As a result, this collection became widely known for its pietistic and plain style. The first edition was a success, and the following editions were published from 1628 to 1648. It became one of the most popular hymnbooks of its time, strongly influencing the German hymnody. He was dismissed from his position in 1648 because of disagreement over the Socinian teachings of Menno Simons.

Lorentz’s authorship of a hymn featuring the hymn “Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott” (English: “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” or “Lord of All, We Stand or Receive”) has been called into question, due to a lack of corroborating evidence.

External links

Jakob Lorentz website by Dieter Krause

Category:German Lutheran hymnwriters
Category:Lutheran clergy
Category:17th-century German writers
Category:17th-century German Protestant theologians
Category:17th-century Lutheran clergy
Category:German Christian hymnwriters
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Category:17th-century hymnwriters
Category:17th-century male writersQ:

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It is known that the quality of a recording at the surface of a card or other substrate is very closely related to the embossing or raised pattern which is imprinted on the card or substrate. If the surface of a card or other substrate is embossed or set in a printing apparatus with a stencil which has an image formed in the stencil by a master or surface plate, the light reflected from the stamper surface and light entering through a master sheet is reflected from the master and the surface of the substrate, thereby producing an image in the surface of the substrate which is an improved image. This improved or recorded image at the surface of the substrate is sometimes referred to as the “raised pattern.” In the prior art, embossing or raised pattern printing has been accomplished in one of three ways, namely by.Description

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A great time for a full home renovation. This home has an open living room/kitchen and formal dining room, laundry room and a full updated bath. With over 1,200 square feet this home has room for the entire family. Put your finishing touches and make it your own. Some updates available are new kitchen appliances, shed, new fences, new foundation, siding and roof and new front door and landscaping.

Exterior Features

Interior Features





Community Features


Additional Features

Carport, RV Parking

School Information

Elementary School

Thomas Stedman

Middle School

Bruce Middle

High School

Leon High

Additional Information

Date Listed


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About Us

Century 21 Duane Morris LLC


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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Mac OS X
Intel Core 2 Duo or better processor (Mac OS X minimum is Intel Core i3 or higher)
Minimum 2 GB RAM (Mac OS X minimum is 1 GB RAM)
20 GB hard disk space (Mac OS X minimum is 4 GB hard disk space)
HDMI port or DisplayPort port (Mac OS X minimum is only DVI)
Standard gaming mouse
Web browser with Adobe Flash installed
Internet connection (to play online