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free photoshop actions 💡







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* Cheat Sheet
* Action buttons
* Geometric editing tools
* Selection tools
* Various editing tools
* Layer styles
* Spot healing
* Transforming objects
* Presets

These tutorials cover everything from getting started and learning how to use a keyboard, to learning how to make a wonderful painting with layers, selections, and masking, as well as how to use layers as backgrounds and to set up a virtual set of Photoshop.

You will learn the following skills:

* Creating and editing images with layers
* Using the transformation tools
* Spot healing and using inversions
* Using a virtual set of Photoshop

# Chapter 1. Introduction to Photoshop

Photo editing using layers, selections, and blending modes is an essential tool for creating unique and striking images. When you think of a layer in Photoshop, it is somewhat like a box; it sits on top of everything else and acts as an object that can be modified later.

This is how I apply photographic effects to my images, because using layers, selections, and blending modes give me the ability to transform and manipulate objects or elements in any way that I would like. When you work in layers and selections, you can edit all the objects on your canvas with one click. The tools you use also enable you to work with anything on your canvas, including a brush, a layer mask, or even another image or pattern.

Blending modes are another useful tool, because you can combine the image’s colors and pixels to create a new look. This feature allows you to make a neutral image pop with color.

## How Layers Work

Each layer in Photoshop is a collection of items. There are three types of items:

* **Raster** : Pixel-based images and objects, such as circles, squares, and lines.
* **Patterns** : Icons, images, and text that repeat or scale across the canvas, often through a mask.
* **Drawing tools** : These, such as the Pencil tool, can be used to create vector objects such as shapes and bevels.

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Here is how to get started with Photoshop Elements and what features it offers.


The following screenshots show the most useful Photoshop Elements features you’ll want to use.

Need a better guide?

Check out the Photoshop Elements Beginner’s Guide.

How to save and load Photoshop Elements projects

Photoshop Elements features a robust built-in file system, and you can place files in your project by copying them into a folder or dragging files from your computer’s desktop or you can use Adobe Bridge to import your own files.

You can also open Photoshop Elements projects in Photoshop. You can import a project into Photoshop from Photoshop Elements by using Edit | Open in Photoshop Elements.

If you are working on a Mac, you can open a project file from the Finder by choosing Go | Folder. Locate the project and double-click on the project file to open it in Photoshop Elements.

Make sure you don’t double-click the project file itself, as it will open in Photoshop Elements. You can also open your project in Photoshop Elements by navigating to your project in Bridge and opening the project from there.

How to work with layers and layer modes in Photoshop Elements

Each Photoshop Elements file has a collection of layers, which you can manipulate to create different types of images. Layers control the order in which you paint on a canvas.

You can create and manipulate layers by using layers and layer modes. Layers and layer modes are found under the Layers menu.

You can modify layers by using many features and methods. You can paint with different colors and brushes, or create new layers with the solid color, pattern or gradient tool. You can mix different layer modes to see different effects. You can even change layers from transparent to opaque, using the Eraser tool.

You can use the Move tool to move layers, and you can position layers using the Free Transform tool, press and hold Shift while you move a layer using the Move tool to lock the layer, then drag the layer so that you move it exactly where you want it.

To edit the contents of a layer, use the Select tool to select the layer and click on the Edit button. You can also use the options menu to select a layer mode. Photoshop Elements supports dozens of different layer modes, such as, Color, Multiply, Dissolve, Screen, Overlay, Hard Light, Soft Light, Color Burn

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The Liquify tool allows for easy manipulation of the shapes of layers. It’s great for smoothing out any wrinkles in an image, and is useful for creating that perfect logo or branding design.
Adobe Photoshop allows for an endless number of great photo effects, including lighting effects, background erasure and burning, and much more.
You can customize the size and color of brushes with the Brush Size and Brush Color controls. You can also create new brushes by recording strokes made in Photoshop. You can also reset the brush size or brush color to their defaults.
The Brush Options control lets you set various options for each brush. These options can include brush tip size, stroke width, and brush angle.
The Eraser tool is a quick way to remove objects from images, including selections, text, and other graphics.
The Pen tool is a variation on the Brush tool that allows for precise erasing of areas on an image. You can draw shapes, lines, and curves with the Pen.
Brush Tip Shape defines the shape of the brush. Many other settings affect how the brush behaves and how it can be used.
The Stroke Size controls the width of the strokes you create with the brush. You can change the brush size to different types of brushes.
To change the size of the entire brush, use the Brush Size and Brush Color controls. To customize the size of only the brush, use the Brush Size and Shape controls.

The Shadow Type control affects how shadows are created. The Shadow Height control determines the height of shadow areas. The Shadow Color controls the color of the shadow.
The Blend Mode is an important control as well. You can use different Blend Modes on text layers to adjust the way text is overlaid.
The Smudge tool is used to soften or sharpen areas of an image. It’s also used to blend together two adjacent areas of an image.
Blend modes have various effects. Luminance, Color Burn, and Color Dodge all soften or sharpen parts of an image. Color Burn and Dodge are often used to make the image look like an old-time Kodak photo.
Gradient can be useful for adding small amounts of transparency to colors, or blending colors in different portions of an image. A Gradient Blend Mode can be used to blend together two or more areas of the same color.
You can use the Gradient tool to add a gradient that will flow smoothly across an image. You can also use the gradient to create a soft, dream

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System Requirements For Download Photoshop Retouching Actions:

Expects a 1080p display for best results.
Requires 2GB RAM for the 720p/60fps/PC mode, and 4GB RAM for the 1080p/30fps/Mobile mode.
4 GB of free disk space for installation.
Requires an HDMI 1.4 or higher port and USB 2.0 port for controllers.
Expect 40-60 minutes of playing time per level of the game.
You must have an Intel i5 or better processor for the 1080p/60fps/PC mode and