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WinMatrix Crack  License Keygen Free Download PC/Windows 💻

WinMatrix Crack License Keygen Free Download PC/Windows 💻


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WinMatrix Crack+ Free Download X64 Latest

WinMatrix is a program that changes your desktop wallpaper to a white background and several white swirling lines of text that are arranged in a matrix shape. The program comes with many preset wallpapers for you to pick from.

WinMatrix XP Alternative:

The only newer version of WinMatrix available on our website is WinMatrix XP, which is a free program that can be installed on older versions of Windows like Windows XP or Windows 2000.
It is 100% legal and safe to install, and it contains no spyware or other malicious software.

WinMatrix XP Features:

Supports most recent versions of Windows

Supports Windows XP and earlier versions

Free trial version available

Lacks customizable desktop animations

Supports different types of wallpapers


The program can only be installed on computers running Windows OS versions older than Windows 2000.

Display advertisements along with the program.

Ads were found in downloaded file winmatrix.sys from our website. This may become a problem because some adware programs share similar names with legitimate software. We do not condone this practice as it can damage your computer.

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WinMatrix Cracked 2022 Latest Version is free software that turns your desktop wallpaper into a real animated wallpaper.
With the help of this application, you can create your custom animated desktop wallpaper by simply selecting between flowing and real matrix. As you can see, WinMatrix Cracked Version is full of features and it offers you everything you can possibly wish for.
The application offers you several options for customizing the background animation, such as adjusting the matrix depth and the overall speed, as well as changing the number of highlighted items, their size as well as the initial speed. When you want to personalize the desktop animation even further, you can activate the fade out and set WinMatrix Serial Key XP to be launched when Windows starts.
All in all, WinMatrix XP is a very advanced desktop wallpaper creator with features that you will definitely find very interesting. It has been created by a developer called Hugh Richter.
WinMatrix Requirements:
The software can be downloaded and installed on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
WinMatrix Screenshots:

WinMatrix Features:

Advanced customization options

Create animated desktop wallpaper

Animating mode

Flowing mode

Real matrix mode

Fading out

Launching WinMatrix when Windows starts

Customization of text style

Three different sizes (small, standard and large)

Highlighted items

Up to 4 highlighted items

No highlighted items

Highlights colored items

Background color



Customize titles


Right-click menu

Quick find/replace

Arrows keys

Cursor keys

Fonts tab










Highlight color

Default color

Background gradient


As you can see, WinMatrix has been developed with the main goal of creating a desktop animation that does not just look very impressive, but is also fully customizable by the user.
Therefore, the application has been created with a lot of options and settings that enable you to set this desktop transformation your way.
WinMatrix has been developed by the programmer Hugh Richter, and it can be downloaded and installed on any Windows operating system.

WinMatrix Categories:

Free video recording software, made by Hipweb, is a little known but excellent solution for creating video screencasts that won’t leave a

WinMatrix Incl Product Key [Mac/Win]

Use the Active Desktop to show images or animated images in your desktop. The desktop wallpaper can be replaced with your own images. You can choose the image and set the size, background color and transparency.

The wallpapers of WinMatrix are animated by software. Every wallpapers can be played as a movie or show to your friends. An animation by the size of a small video will not be interrupted, and it will show your wallpaper behind without leaving the desktop. If you like to change the animated wallpapers, then you must go to WinMatrix Help menu and set it as your system default wallpaper.

WinMatrix is supported for Windows XP, but it is only for desktop animation.

Automatic Start: Select to start when Windows starts (you need to run the software at the same time as Windows XP)

Theme: Choose your personal favourite to change the look of the background

Fade in: Set the movement of the images when the desktop changes

Fade out: Enable the fading out wallpapers when a video is closed

Return Animation: Enable the animation return for Desktop wallpaper

Show on system start: This option may be to your laptop, When you turned it on the wallpaper will show at the beginning

Return Animation: Enable the animation return for Desktop wallpaper

Return Animation: This option is to your laptop, When you turned on the desktop will show at the beginning

Return Animation: Enable the animation return for Desktop wallpaper

Return Animation: Enable the animation return for Desktop wallpaper

Return Animation: Enable the animation return for Desktop wallpaper

Position: And the distance from the center of the window.

Size: The size of the screen that the image occupies

Transparent color: Select a background to be transparent

Flowing: Choose the mode of image (Real Matrix, Flowing or None)

Rasterize: An option is to save the file if you want to run an animation on the same wallpaper

Refresh rate: This option is to change the desktop image speed

Start Rate: Set the speed of starting the animation on the desktop

End Rate: Set the speed of ending the animation on the desktop

Max Lines: Set the maximum number of lines that the animation will show

Max Lines in Row: Set the maximum number of lines that the animation will show in the row

Mouse Select: Select the image you like to use to be the desktop wallpaper.

Mouse Select

What’s New In?

WinMatrix is a desktop application for personalizing the desktop with an animated wallpaper. Unlike other tools on the market, this one allows you to customize an already existing animated wallpaper, i.e. it allows you to change its elements and characteristics. For instance, by changing the text, users can create some motivational desktop messages; by selecting a background color or picture, they can arrange the settings to their liking.
Amongst the most important features of this program are:
•the possibility to change the font, size, color and type of the letters on the animation
•the possibility to switch between flowing and real matrix style
•the possibility to adjust the line length and speed
•the possibility to select the type of icon animation
•the possibility to enable or disable fade out
•the possibility to set WinMatrix XP to be launched when Windows starts (in other words, once the application is launched, it offers to turn on the Active Desktop)
•the possibility to adjust the maximum lines in row and the line depth
•the possibility to adjust the overall speed and its initial and maximum values
•the possibility to select a picture or a color for the background of the desktop
•the possibility to change the number of highlighted items and their size
•the possibility to activate or deactivate the fade out effect
•the possibility to set WinMatrix XP to be launched every time the computer starts

Key Features:
1. Change font: Any font can be used in the program. You can choose the font size, color and type. You can also create a specific font by clicking the “Edit font…” button in the “Font” category.
2. Switch between flowing and real matrix style: By simply clicking on the “1. Flow Matrix”, “2. Real Matrix” or “3. Custom Matrix” buttons, you can change the animation from a flowing Matrix to a real Matrix.
3. Adjust line length and speed: Users can modify the line length and speed. The number of highlighted items and their size can also be adjusted.
4. Enable or disable fade out: The background of the desktop will flicker and fade out when the program is minimized. You can enable this feature or disable it via the “Fade out” button.
5. Set WinMatrix XP to be launched when Windows starts: This allows users to customize the desktop with WinMatrix when Windows starts.
6. Adjust maximum lines in row: The maximum number of lines can be customized for the background. If

System Requirements:

– Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
– Supported CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / Athlon x86-64
– Memory: 1 GB
– Video Card: Minimum Radeon HD 7700, Nvidia Geforce 8800, Intel HD4000
– DirectX Version: 9.0c
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